50g 3UEW 0.012mm Enameled Ultra Fine Copper Wire For Touch Screen

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Menşe yeri: Çin
Marka adı: Rvyuan
Min sipariş miktarı: Differet MOQ ile farklı türleri
Fiyat: Negotiation
Ambalaj bilgileri: Karton ile biriktirme
Teslim süresi: 2-15 iş günü
Ödeme koşulları: Anlaşma
Yetenek temini: Talebinizi yerine getirin
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Ürün adı: Ultra ince emaye bakır tel İzolasyon: UEW
Boyutu: AWG 56 metrik ölçü: 0.012mm
Sertifika: RoHS / UL / SGS / ISO9001: 2008 Renk: Doğa / siyah
Malzeme: Bakır Termal Sınıf: 155

Ürün Açıklaması


50g 3UEW 0.012mm ultra fine enameled copper wire


Product Description

We are the producer of fine and ultrafine enamelled copper wire (winding wire). It is produced and delivered corresponding to the industry standards IEC 60317, NEMA MW1000, JIS C3202 or to customer specific requirements. Besides enamelled copper wire Elektrisola produces enamelled wire made from many other metals as well as selfbonding wire and litz wire.


We also can produce the wire according to your request, because sometimes the standard is too wide.


Comparing with other competitor, we are the only manufacture who can produce the 0.012mm ultra fine enamled copper wire for mass production, and we also can provide in small quanity such as 50g.




50g 3UEW 0.012mm Enameled Ultra Fine Copper Wire For Touch Screen








  Characteristics Technical requests Test Results Conclusion
Sample 1    
1 Surface Good OK     OK
2 Bare Wire Diameter 0.012± 0.0005 0.0120     OK
3 Coating Thickness ≥0.002mm 0.003     OK
4 Overall Diameter ≤0.016mm 0.015     OK
5 Conductor Resistance ≤165.99Ω/m 155.18     OK
6 Elongation ≥5% 7     OK
7 Breakdown Voltage ≥110 V 382     OK
8 Pinhole Test ≤12holes/5m 0     OK
  Test Items Technical Requests Results



1 Adhesive Coating layer is good OK
2 Cut-through 200℃ 2mins no breakdown OK
3 Heat Shock 175±5℃/30min no crack OK Audit by Tested by
4 Solder Ability 390± 5℃ 2 Sec Smooth OK   Pan Lihong





Quanlity Assurance


The production process is subject to fine-meshed control of all product and process parameters. The effectiveness of the quality assurance measures has been confirmed by external auditors repeatedly in numerous certificates.


12 Production Processes just for each 1 quality product


50g 3UEW 0.012mm Enameled Ultra Fine Copper Wire For Touch Screen


Enamel inspection- inspection of copper bar-middle wire drawing-fine wire drawing-Micro wire drawing-enameled copper wire production-Anneal-enamel coating-hang up-finished product inspection-Package-Storage



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