EI Series Pin Type Ferrite Core Transformer Low Frequency Electrical Transformers

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Menşe yeri: Çin
Marka adı: Rvyuan
Sertifika: RoHS
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Adı: Düşük frekanslı güç trafosu Türü: EI
Güç: 0.5-1000W Çekirdek türü: EI28-EI114
Malzeme: Bakır Kablo Menşe yeri: Çin

Ürün Açıklaması

EI series pin type Low Frequency power transformer , output power 0.5-1000W


Technique is presented for designing transformers with given size and type of structure to have maximum volt-ampere (VA) output while at the same time insuring the satisfaction of a number of design constraints. The technique is based on a mathematical optimization problem whose solution is a set of parameter values characterizing the maximum VA output design. The existence and uniqueness of the solution to this problem are established, and a set of closed-form expressions are presented for the optimum design parameter values. The resulting design technique eliminates overdesign problems in that the smallest physical size structure will result consistent with the design objectives. The results presented here also provide information on possible design trade-offs between various parameters. Although a graphical design procedure is illustrated here, the ultimate utility of this analytical technique will be in a comprehensive computer-aided design program.



Low loss:large output power,high

efficiency,limited temperatuer

rise.Good safety and reliability





Used for audio equipment,telephone

exchanger,air-conditioner home

appliance etc.Using different mounting

types such as pins,lesd wire or others.






Core type


Output power(w)




















EI28/8×12 0.5-1  
EI28/8×16 0.7-1  
EI35/9.6×10 0.2-0.8  
EI35/9.6×12.5 0.25-1  
EI35/9.6×16 0.4-1.7  
EI35/9.6×20 0.6-2.5  
EI41/13×13 0.6-2.3  
EI41/13×16 1-3.6  
EI41/13×21 1.6-5.5  
EI41/13×26 2.3-7.7  
EI48/16×16 2-5  
EI48/16×20 2.8-7.2  
EI48/16×25 4.6-11.1  
EI48/16×32 7-10  
EI54/18×18 5-12  
EI54/18×22.5 8-17  
EI54/18×29 11-25  
EI54/18×36 17-34  
EI57/19×19 7-16  
EI57/19×24 14-21  
EI57/19×30 16-32  
EI57/19×38 20-40  
EI66/22×22 17-35  
EI66/22×28 24-45  
EI66/22×35 36-58  
EI66/22×45 55-77  
EI76.2/25.4×25 65-88  
EI76.2/25.4×31.5 71-95  
EI76.2/25.4×40 70-97  
EI76.2/25.4×50 86-123  
EI85.8/28.6×29 70-95  
EI85.8/28.6×36 84-120  
EI85.8/28.6×46 105-154  
EI85.8/28.6×58 130-200  
EI96/32×40 90-130  
EI96/32×45 100-150  
EI96/32×50 110-160  
EI105/35 500-700  
EI114/38 700-1000  


EI Series Pin Type Ferrite Core Transformer Low Frequency Electrical Transformers

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